Bow Channel at Sunset

A trippy looking version of an otherwise ok shot. The original didn’t capture the mood and I didn’t want to trash the pic altogether, so a tweak here and a … Continue Reading →


Sunset Through The Pines

A glimpse through the slash pines that line the the wildlife refuge. You never get sick of photographing the sunsets it seems. Every now and then you get a pic … Continue Reading →

Test 1

Gopro Jpeg Quality Test

Not really a spectacular shot but I am testing the quality of the jpegs out of the gopro. I love the quality of my slr but how sweet would it … Continue Reading →

Timelapse 1

Timelapse Experiment 3

My never ending search for the perfect setting on this damn camera. It’s such a shame you can’t get the quality you see when you edit. In other words 3 … Continue Reading →


Shitter Phenomenon

This couldn’t be truer and it’s a phenomenon I’ll never understand. It seems all dog owners let their animals shit and piss wherever. Since when is that OK? I mean, … Continue Reading →


Non-traditional Travel

I often spend time at the end of this road checking weather, working on my laptop or just taking in the view really. As I was leaving this day I … Continue Reading →


Bridge into The Sea

One of the best views in The Keys. Driving over this bridge heading North you can’t see land. The illusion appears as though you’re driving straight out into the ocean. … Continue Reading →


Red & Silver Day

I finally caught and released my first redfish on fly or ever really,  I can officially cross redfish of of my list. This was not a typical day, just a … Continue Reading →


Backcountry Moonrise

Full moon rising on a summer day. You can’t help but to snap a pic in these situations. Drifting with a beer in hand after a decent day of fishing. … Continue Reading →


Approaching Squall Line

I’ll never get sick of watching storms, just raw nature at it’s finest. This was taken with an iPhone so quality is what it is. Obviously it’s been tweaked but … Continue Reading →


Permit in The Backyard

A few days of fishing for permit in the height of season.  I always feel fortunate when I hook one of these guys. The shark is a bullshark and not … Continue Reading →


Bahia Honda View

This spot is no secret but I continue to act like it is though. I’ve seen this view and photographed it a thousand times but the lighting and weather is … Continue Reading →


Time Capsules

One of the beautiful and bittersweet things about the mangroves is their ability to retain garbage. The mangroves are the epitome of a filter. I remember how important bottle collecting … Continue Reading →


Girl vs Thunderstorm

A typical scene on any summer day. The water is warm, the air is humid and the weather patterns, especially the thunderstorms flow by with an ever changing appearance. Fortunately, … Continue Reading →


Self Imprisonment

Friends have mentioned seeing possums but even after 38 years, this is my first. I heard this one trying to escape the neighbors can for days unknowing what the noise … Continue Reading →


Veins of A Seagrape

I thought this kind of resembled arteries filled with blood pumping life into the leaves or something along those lines. A poetic attempt at turning a simple sea-grape into something … Continue Reading →


American Shoal Lighthouse

Without this structure I’m sure more than one of us would have ended up on the wrong key, before gps of coarse. American Shoal to me is one of those … Continue Reading →


Are There Sharks Out Here?

A customer asked me “Are there any sharks out here?”, I get asked this a lot when running the snorkel boat. The answer is yes. Not only are there sharks … Continue Reading →


Rubber Tree

An interesting and photo worthy subject. I remember climbing these trees as kids and being covered in white sap.We would call it milk because that is exactly what it resembled. … Continue Reading →


Bar Harbor Sidetrippin’

Part of our get out of dodge trip, we reached our destination in Bar Harbor, Maine. The national park is located right next to the port and was pretty cold … Continue Reading →

Trail head

Mt Washington

Mt. Washington was one of our unexpected stops along the way. There were so many signs about it we decided it must be worth stopping for. It was. Highly recommended … Continue Reading →

Best fort tree ever

Hawaiian Islands Part 1

A trip to the middle of the ocean to see some old friends. Always good to see old buds and always fun exploring new territory. We basically looped the whole … Continue Reading →


California Roadtrippin’

A wedding trip turned road trip. A visit to my bro in San Diego and Karen’s Bro in San Francisco then a ride up the coast to wine country. Some … Continue Reading →


Lucky Shot

This was a being in the right place at the right time kind of thing, if you want to consider being this close to lightning the right place. Photo was … Continue Reading →


Hugging the Rim

I always find myself trying to find an angle or something different than the typical viewpoint. You really can’t explain the feeling until you are actually standing on the edge … Continue Reading →


Los Cabos San Lucas

A trip to the bottom of the Baja Peninsula. You always hear terrible things about Mexico and no doubt they are very true. Cabo on the other hand seems fairly … Continue Reading →


Rocky Mountain Roadtrippin’

One of the most memorable road trips to date. Rocky Mountain National Park is one for the bucket list for sure. A stay at the Stanley Hotel which was supposed … Continue Reading →


Oregon Coast Roadtrippin’

One of the most memorable trips was a run up the Oregon coast. I would definitely recommend putting this location on your bucket list or at least part of a … Continue Reading →


Olympic Penninsula “The End”

This was the end of our journey. Pretty much did a loop from Seattle to Oregon back to Seattle and the long way at that. One of the better road … Continue Reading →


Deep Cold & Blue

I wasn’t sure about going so far out of the way to see Crater lake but I’m glad I did. If you ever get a chance to see it, do … Continue Reading →


Mt Rainier Exploring

Mt Rainier was pretty spectacular as far as scenery and short hikes and that kind of stuff. As usual we went in September so the crowds were almost non existent, … Continue Reading →


Seattle Downtown

Seattle was the first stop along our Northwest road trip. Lucky enough we were able to get the top room in the hotel right downtown so the views were ridiculous. … Continue Reading →


Paddling Moorea

The picture speaks for itself. Crystal water, exotic culture and landscape, layed back and loving it. Outrigger canoes are pretty much a staple in tahitian culture, so “when in Rome”.