Sugarloaf Key Reef & Island Excursions

Yellowtail Snapper at The Reef Backcountry Scenery Backcountry PhotographyPaddleboard in The Backcountry Snorkeling Amongst Reef Life
Watching The Sun Set Sunset at The Sandbar Backcountry Sandbar Walk Reef Scenery Backcountry Sunset Paddle
Paddleboard Mangrove Exploration Sandbar Scenery Watching Stingrays on The FlatsRelaxing in The Backcountry Backcountry Wildlife

What We Do

Snorkeling at Looe Key


Snorkel Looe Key, coral reefs and other areas in The Lower Florida Keys that hold tropical fish. Inshore, mangrove and beginner snorkeling trips available.

Relaxing in The Mangroves


Spend some time on a vacant sandbar while getting your feet wet. Look for shells, take in the sea breeze and let the islands recharge your internal batteries.

Paddling Across The Backcountry


Float with the tides on a drift trip, take a guided tour through the mangroves or just sit on a board and paddle around the sandbars. Sunset paddles available.

Pelicans Next to The Old Railroad Bridge


See bird and sealife from the comfort of the boat. We'll also navigate the shallows and mangrove islands looking for shark, turtles, dolphin and sting rays.

Sandbar & Friends on A Sunny Day

Fun with Friends & Family

Lunch on a sandbar, a sunset paddle, snorkeling the coral reefs or just getting out on the water for some island fun. Up to six people, 2-6 hours, 10am-sunset.

Navigating The Backcoutry At Sunset

Capt. for Hire

Need a spotter for a paddle or swim race? Need a boat for a photo shoot or production? Need someone to show you how to navigate the keys? Need a shuttle Boat?

Who We Are

Support Small Island Business

There are plenty of tours and charters in The Lower Keys. Why choose Capt. Clint?

  • Owner operated - integrity
  • Native guide - experience
  • Local islander - laid back
  • Green charter - eco-friendly
  • Sugarloaf Key quick access to the best areas in The Florida Keys- location!

It goes without saying that time with family and friends is quality time. The choices offered are easy to choose from and open for adjusting to your personal needs. A short 2 hour trip to a sand bar with some sightseeing or maybe a 4 hour half and half trip to snorkel the reef and then relax in the backcountry. Check out the activities offered and lets book a trip for your next visit to The Florida Keys.

Charters leave from KOA Marina on Upper Sugarloaf Key (mile marker 20). Click to Navigate

Our Prices
  • 1-3 people $75 an hour
  • 4-6 people $100 and hour
  • Price is per trip not per person
Our Hours
  • 9am - 9pm for phone calls
  • Trip times are 100% flexible
  • Open all year 7 days a week
Contact Us

What We See

Snorkeling with A School Of Yellowtail Snapper


The variety of sealife is colorful, raw and beautiful. It comes in many shapes and sizes and each has it's own favorite environment that it will frequent throughout the year. We visit those areas.

  • Parrot Fish
  • Wrasses
  • Barracuda
  • Blue Tangs
  • Angelfish
  • Hogfish
  • Snappers
  • Groupers
  • Spiney Lobster
  • Sharks
  • Many More
Frigate Birds Flying from Mangroves


Due to the location of The Florida Keys island chain, it hosts a huge in and out of migrating birdlife. For those who take the time to look, you will be rewarded with sights of all kinds of species.

  • Frigate Birds
  • Herons
  • Egrets
  • Ibis
  • Ospreys
  • Pelicans
  • Terns & Gannets
  • Cormorants
  • Kingfishers
  • Gulls
  • Many More
Bottlenosed Dolphin Under Feet

Wildlife & Other Creatures

The mild climate is prime real estate for so many different mammals, as well as sealife who prefer the warmer waters of the backcountry and the protection and food source from the shallow waters.

  • Dolphin
  • Sea Turtles
  • Stingrays
  • Live Corals
  • Conchs & Whelks
  • Crabs
  • Jellyfish
  • Sponges
  • Eagle Rays
  • Iguanas
  • Many More

Where We Go

Hanging out in The Backcountry

The Backcountry

A.K.A The Great White Heron Wildlife Refuge the backcountry is a 130,000 acre refuge of shallow water, sandbars, mangrove islands and a haven for migratory wildlife all year. The depth ranges from exposed low tide areas out to the edge of the Gulf in about 10' of water.

By boat we look for dolphin playing and feeding, sea turtles catching breaths of air, stingrays sleeping on the bottom and sharks wandering for a meal.


Snorkeling The Coral Reef

The Coral Reef

The Florida Keys barrier reef runs the length of the island chain, the third largest in the world. First place is Australia and second place Belize. The depth ranges from exposed low tide areas out to 30' where the open ocean floor begins.

Considered the absolute best area to snorkel with a large variety of color, species, unique environment and clear waters due to it's proximity to the open ocean. We utilize the smaller inshore reefs as well.


Storm Over The Gulf Waters

Bodies of Water

Gulf of Mexico - Technically anything on the north side of the island chain is The Gulf. Why is the Gulf important to us? Simply put, it hosts it's own unique fishing, snorkeling and wildlife environment.

The Atlantic Ocean - Technically anything on the South side of the island chain is The Atlantic. Why is the Atlantic important to us? It's deep ocean currents and flowing food chain flood life into The Keys.


Meet Captain Clint

Hogfish to Fillet Slammer Bull Dolphin Speared Grouper Kingfish on The Flats Large Permit Bull Redfish
Clint & Anglers Permit Tuna on Fly Sailfish Before Release Bonefish on Fly African Pompano Tarpon On Fly

Guiding & Professional Background

Clint has worked professionally as a captain, mate and guide in many areas of The Key's ocean based industries. He actively pursues a lifelong journey to be as proficient as possible while still remaining humble. His past 40 years in the Lower Keys and past 18 years as a professional have provided him the know-how to be well rounded, above and below the waterline.

Personal Background

Big Coppit Key Grouper 1977

Capt. Clint, Big Coppit Key1977

Clint was raised in the islands of The Lower Keys. Growing up, his childhood was immersed in the local island lifestyle and the multi-layered cultures of a small, transient and ocean based town.

At age 2 , his family moved to Stock Island, before settling into a home on Sugarloaf Key. This would be where he'd spend his childhood and teenage years, most days exploring his watery backyard. Through his twenties, nights were spent playing local bars as a guitarist and days were spent on the water for fun and work. His love for the ocean eventually took lead and has since pursued a life on the water without looking back.

Also an active artist and artisan, you can find Clint's work throughout The Lower Florida Keys. If you are in town check Mangrove Studio Events for upcoming events and shows, stop by Wanderlust Boutique on Petronia Street in old-town Key West or swing by The Key West Artisan Market from October -April. Pieces include island photography in handmade driftwood or recycled wood frames, mirrors in the same tropical style frames, Caribbean signs, wind-chimes, candles and a forever evolving collection of artisan goods.

If you would like to buy any of Clint's work and have it delivered to your home contact Clint via the contact info on the home page.

Despite travels to other islands such as Tahiti, Maui and the Bahamas he says "I've always felt a deeper connection to islands and people of The Lower Florida Keys".

In The News

Florida Squid Find Defies Categorization, Puzzles Scientist
Giant Squid Off Key West

Capt. Clint, Key West 2007

SARASOTA, Florida -- Scientists at Florida's Mote Marine Laboratory are trying to figure out the identity of a large squid found off the Florida Keys by a charter captain last week.

Capt. Clint Moore was fishing in 850 feet of water near the Gulf Stream southwest of Key West Tuesday when he saw a large mass floating at the surface. Moore realized the creature was a squid and took it aboard. At the dock, he estimated the squid to be 13 feet long but realized it was not fully intact.

The animal was taken to Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota where Debi Ingrao performed a necropsy on Thursday.

"The tail section was gone; it had no tentacles, so I can't speculate what the overall length was," Ingrao said. "What we have is 6.5 feet long. It weighed 13.2 pounds, but it may have been more than that." Ingrao also realized the squid was something strange to Florida waters.

"It's much different, very, very different," Ingrao said. "I don't know the genus. That could be my lack of knowledge. Someone who's seen 50 million squid might know what it is." So it might be a new species or even a new genus.

The thing is, I don't think people realize how many things we don't know about the ocean," Ingrao said. "We're discovering hundreds of species a day." A researcher from the Smithsonian Institution is expected at Mote on Tuesday for an attempt to identify the squid.

by News Service - February 27, 2007 15:25 EST


General Questions

  • Q: What is included?
  • A: Depending on type of trip: All snorkel equipment, all paddleboards(3) and equipment, wildlife identification cards, cooler of ice, ample storage space, friendly instruction, professional captain/guide, all required safety equipment.
  • Q: What will we see?
  • A: Refer to WHAT WE SEE and WHERE WE GO for details on the most common encounters and sights.
  • Q: How many people can go on a trip?
  • A: The boat can take a maximum of six passengers
  • Q: What do you recommend bringing?
  • A: Sunscreen + sunprotection of your choice, water, towel, camera, a light jacket on cool days and hats are a good idea too. Lunch is always nice out on the water or a sandbar, but that's just a suggestion.
  • Q: What is the best time of year to go?
  • A: The most comfortable months are the calm warm water months of summer and early fall. Anytime of year can be nice though.
  • Q: Do I need to know how to swim?
  • A: Non-swimmers are warmly welcome aboard but we can't allow you to snorkel in deep water or paddleboard. One alternative though is wading in the shallow water and even experimenting with a mask and snorkel.
  • Q: Is alchohol or smoking allowed?
  • A: Yes and Yes. Smokers need to smoke downwind or at the back of the boat though.
  • Q: What about payment?
  • A: We use the honor system so no deposit is required. If you do need to cancel please don't wait til the last day. Payment is due at the end of your trip. Cash is preferred but credit cards are accepted. Tipping is not required but allows appreciated.

Video Gallery 'Mangrove Studio'

An All Day Excursion

Opting for a full day left many options open for an interesting day of snorkeling, paddleboarding, exploring, fishing and sightseeing the islands & reefs.

A Sugarloaf Key Dream

Somedays when water turns to glass options become endless. This day we took out the flats boat, fished, paddled the reefs and found a message in a bottle.

Homemade Fishing Lure

A homemade barracuda lure made then put to the test on the flats by Capt. Clint on a cool sunny day in The Lower Florida Keys. A fun catch then released.

Where to Stay

Sugarloaf Key KOA Campground / RV Park / Marina / Tiki Bar

KOA Campground Sugarloaf Key

Set between the crystal clear Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, Sugarloaf Key/Key West KOA is a true beachfront paradise. You'll find amenities and activities designed to please everyone in the family, from sunset cruises to local fishing and beach side fun at the campground's own water haven. Dine under swaying palm trees and sip margaritas on the waterfront veranda of the campground's pub.

In addition to ocean side RV sites, Sugarloaf Key/Key West KOA features the largest tent camping area in the Florida Keys. Or leave the hard work to us and enjoy the comforts of home in a park model unit complete with inviting deck to enjoy evenings under the palms. If you're looking for a truly one-of-a-kind experience, try the nostalgia of a fully outfitted, iconic Airstream...... [ learn more ]


Where to Eat

Mangrove Mama's / Restaurant & Bar / Live Music

KOA Campground Sugarloaf Key

Mangrove Mama’s has been a landmark Restaurant and Bar located on Sugarloaf Key for over 30 years. Mama’s has a reputation for serving fresh local seafood, succulent steaks, specialty drinks and delectable desserts. Whether you are stopping in for Breakfast, Sunday brunch, lunch or dinner, you will leave raving for days about our delicious fare. They are always sprucing up their menu with new and exciting items, but the staples that keep the locals coming back are their Shrimp St. Jacques, Cracked Conch, Mama’s Conch Chowder, and an award winning Key Lime Pie....... [ learn more ]

Brands We Endorse

Columbia Sportswear
Buff Headgear
Hook & Tackle

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